September 2nd, 2020

Finn n Jake


Lawd a mercy what a shitty year!!! I hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected. In typical me fashion I have no idea when or what I last updated about and am too lazy to check so I'll just type what I feel. 

I'm 35 now and I've settled down? Lol I guess it's weird to say bc I never un-settled?? I was picked on so much in high school and had no friends in college etc and as an only child it has always been in my nature to be a loner. I think I've just become okay with it more recently. I used to be mad annoying in trying to get and keep friends and despite that it never works out in the long run... which I've accepted. I remember the days when most of my friends were on this site lol and I mean I have no regrets I had good times. But at some point, I learned to accept that I'm not made for long term friendships?? I honestly don't say this like it's a sad or bad thing. Because I'm happy. But just thinking on that... some of the "best friends" I've had in my life:

1) Told me I ruined her childhood and that she regretted spending so much time with me

2) Told me her bf abused her, making me hate him, making me tell her she was better off when he cheated and she was leaving.. then suddenly she was pregnant and married and "happy" and I was the bad guy lol

3) Had multiple personality disorder that I only found about after she snapped on me several times for no apparent reason so I blocked her (and never felt the need to unblock)

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