Christine (anna_darkholme) wrote,

This has been the busiest time of my entire life. I can't complain because it's all positive but it's exhausting.

So I bought a house and I've been moving in and now I'm pretty much moved in. I stayed here alone with my cats for the first time and I'm not scared or anything. I let my dad spend the night and be the "hero" to "protect me" my first night lmao. I didn't need or want him but my mom said he wants to feel "included" so I was like ok whatever. Then my mom spent the night just because but I am fine alone. Tonight i have to sleep back at their house because she doesn't want me to dirty up MY OWN place before the housewarming party tomorrow lmao whatever. The cats are adjusting pretty well... the first day was full of them wandering around meowing lol but Clarence has a favorite spot looking out the window at the bottom of the stairs and Alejandro mostly sits with me on the couch. It can be a little lonely but as an only child I'm used to not having people around and it's nice. I miss my mom but she is close and I will continue to see her ... I live downtown (small city downtown) so whenever her or her grandma go out and do anything they will be close to her and I told them they can come visit whenever. It's literally like a 9 min drive from their house so. I am glad I stayed near them... I was looking at downtown Atlanta etc but I'm glad I didn't do it. I like it here very much.

Tara and I went to Europe and our relationship is back to what it was before.... I was worried because we were having so many fights and I didn't know if we'd get through it and the counselor was good but certainly didn't magically fix everything but then suddenly everything was great again. I don't even know what happened but we both took blame and are making an effort. She is so good and honest and loyal and I am lucky to have her. We got along so well on our trip and had such a good time.

We started out flying to Amsterdam, in our lay down flat bed first class seats (LOVE THEM). 2 and a half days in Amsterdam, not a lot but we still got a lot done, and then a train to Paris. My 3rd trip to Paris but it's still as beautiful and magical as ever. Tara's first time and she's been wanting to go forever. I'm so glad I got to be the one to take her. We had to climb an ASSLOAD of stairs and it sucked but it was so worth it. We saw the eiffel tower, climbed to the top of Notre Dame and Arc de Triumph, and took a hop on hop off bus and saw most of the city. It was wonderful. I'm so lucky I have someone who loves me who I love who loves to travel and go on adventures with me.

I'll close this out with some pictures I took... I really love to take pictures and edit them and make them pretty and people say I'm good at it but I know I could never make a career or anything out of it. It's all good though. I love it.


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