Christine (anna_darkholme) wrote,

Actually, I think the term nowadays is "blog". I had one of these when I was 18, with GreaterJournal because LJ cost money then. I actually found it the other day and erased that shit ASAP - talk about embarrassing. I may have been 18 but I sounded more like a 12 year old. Ugh I know I was immature back in the day but I didn't know it was that bad. I have a selective memory I guess.

Anyway, I am 23 years old (turned it in December). I don't have an exciting, club-going party life. I am pretty laid back and boring. I love video games, watching football, animals (especially cats), creative writing. Shit like that. I like to stay up late and sleep late. I really need to know what im going to do as a career because I graduate college with a psychology degree in a few months. I need a job that isn't shitty and boring.   

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